Ånon Egeland, Bruce Molsky & Arto Järvelä: Rauland Ramblers


At the Rauland International Winter Festival in February of this year, Bruce Molsky, Arto Järvelä and Ånon Egeland – all highly respected tradition-bearers and major figures in their respective traditions – met to play a concert together. A few free days scheduled before a concert at Oslo’s Rikscenen the following week turned into a session in the intimate studio at Rauland’s Department of Traditional Art and Traditional Music. The recordings they made there, together with live material from the Rikscenen concert, resulted in this album by three fantastic players at the top of their game.

Engelska från Korpo / Cumberland Gap / Harvelandsvalsen / Shaking Off The Acorns / Napolilainen katulaulaja (Gerhard Winkler) / Reuben / Laulu, olut ja viina (trad/Arto Järvelä) / Ein Gamle-Jens spila jamt når han kom ifrå byen / Boys Them Buzzards Are Flying/Cotton Eyed Joe / Spoof Polonaises 1 & 8 / Gamle-Olav / Poor Little Mary Sitting In The Corner / Sjøfløytehamborg