Áššu: Áššu


Áššu base their music on traditional Sami Joik. Finnish Ulla Pirttijärvi joiks of her relatives and her home villages Utsjoki and Angeli. Olav Torget and Harald Skullerud from Norway complement the ensemble with string instruments and percussions.


The ensemble draw further inspiration from West African grooves and tradition. They vary their expression from wide atmospheres and quiet moods all they way to more uptempo grooves.


The world music scene has long enjoyed their music especially around African and Arabic tradition. This has influenced the instrument choices and unique sound of the new album.



  Ulla Pirttijarvi: vocals, joiks


  Harald Skullerud: percussion, calimba, calabas, harmonium


  Olav Torget: baritone guitar, konting, oilcan guitar



 Live-videos: ÁŠŠU - Ulla Pirttijärvi, Harald Skullerud & Olav Torget: Gávpejas Hans Láide - Live at Riksscenen in Oslo, Norway, 22.3.2019.



This piece of music combines the joiks of three Sámi villages: the joik of the village Karasjok, the joik of the village Utsjoki and the joik of the village Kautokeino. These villages are located a few hundred kilometers from each other, and people have always travelled between them, by reindeer in the old days but nowadays by car.



Gávpejas Hans Láide 

Hans Láide was from Utsjoki and he was a famous and rich shopkeeper, who lived at the turn of the 20th century.