Trad.Attack! + Okra Playground


TRAD.ATTACK! play their own interpretation of Estonian folk drawing inspiration from archive recordings of Estonian folk singers and instrumentalists who created and performed music for work, leisure and festivities in the old times. TRAD.ATTACK! brings their voices to the 21st century, building modern sound and pulsating rhythmic structures around them.

What they do? They take Estonian traditional songs – sometimes starting with scratchy recordings of long vanishedvillage voices – and build pulsating rhythmic structures, creating an impressively big sound create an impressively big sound from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums, an array of whistles, bagpipe and mouth harps. And all that with incredible modern drive, power and charisma.

Since their debut in 2014 they received 16 music Awards in Estonia, becoming visit card of Estonia abroad and selling out self produced concerts in their home country for more, than 4000 people. Trad.Attack! performed in more than 30 countries including significant festivals as WOMEX, WOMAD, Trans Musicales, Eurosonic and many others. What makes them special is not about the amount of the concerts they performed, it is about the music and the way they play it. It has captivative power and modern drive and I agree with London Jazz magazine: "Its music is punchy, rousing, soaring and disarmingly infectious".

OKRA PLAYGROUND is one of the most interesting bands in Finland, according to the Songlines Magazine editor-in-chief Simon Broughton. It is about strong vocal harmonies, big sound, age-old lyrics, hypnotic beats and mystical energy. The kantele and bowed lyre, both ancient folk instruments, coexist in a new, exciting symbiosis with modern electronic soundscapes.

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Trad.Attack! + Okra Playground
Elmun Baari, Helsinki pe 15.3.2019
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