1. Narrien kruunajaiset (Fools’ Coronation) An overture to a new era as clowns conquer the throne. 2. Marie featuring Maija Kauhanen Dedicated to Marie Fredriksson and the starry-eyed sincerity of teenage years. 3. Tuonelan häät (Underworld Wedding) Tuonela’s festivities are here and we all are guests. 4. Vimma (Frenzy) Is our lust for life a force that will eventually destroy us? 5. Tundra Hope is evaporating like a melting permafrost. 6. Varjojen Trepatska (Trepak of the Shadows) For to the people of shadows around us who are ignored. 7. Haje (Entropy) Reality is shattered even before we can grasp it. 8. Valitus (Lament) A lament for the future that we may have already lost. 9. Lohtu (Solace) A Sarabande of consolation and compassion. Ilkka Heinonen – jouhikko (w/ electronics), Kawai mini grand piano (2,3), voice (8), tenor viol (2) Nathan Riki Thomson – Double bass, prepared double bass Mikko Hassinen – Percussion, electronics Maija Kauhanen – vocals (2) All tracks written and arranged by Ilkka Heinonen except 7 by Hassinen, Heinonen and Thomson Produced by Ilkka Heinonen Recorded & mixed by Jyri Sariola / Mimix Studio (except track 8 recorded by Ilkka Heinonen) Recorded at Mimix Studio, December 2019 (except track 8 in Ruskeasuo basement, February 2020) Mastered by Minerva Pappi / Waudio Mastering Photos by Antti Savolainen Cover design by Japa Mattila Jouhikko on tracks 1, 3–5, 7–9 is made by Ilkka Heinonen (2016) under the guidance of Rauno Nieminen. Jouhikko on tracks 2 & 6 made by Rauno Nieminen (2009). Bows are made by Nelly Poidevin and Rauno Nieminen. This album has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland. www.ilkkaheinonentrio.com ilkkaheinonentrio@gmail.com www.facebook.com/ilkkaheinonenmusic www.rockadillo.com